Ukraine,s army is using a nimble “game-vhanging” drone callede The Punisher:


The Ukrainian military is using “game-changing” drones that can carry 3kg of explosives and hit targets up to 30 miles behind enemy lines.

The Punisher drone is being deployed in Ukrαine. UA Dynamics

Eugene Bulatsev, an engineer with the Ukrαiniαn designer UA-Dynamics, told the outlet that the “game-changing” Punisher drones had completed up to 60 “successful” missions since the Russiαn invasion began. “This is the cheapest and easiest way to deliver a punch from a long distance, without risking civilian lives,”. The electric drones have a 7.5-foot wingspan and can fly for hours at 1,300ft and need only the coordinates of their target so they can carry out their mission automatically, said.

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