Mass anti-government protest march planned in Colombo today


A protest march and rally has been organized in Colombo today (02) in protest against the repressive program allegedly carried out by the government.
It is reported that the mass protest has been organized by political parties, trade unions, civil organizations, and a group of activists of the Gall Face ‘Araagalaya’ movement. The protest march is scheduled to commence at 03.00 pm today from near Elphinstone Theater in Maradana and reach the Colombo Fort railway station.
However, Mr. Samantha Vidyaratne of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) said that their party will not join today’s protest. State Minister Shehan Semasinghe said that it is not appropriate to hold such protests at a time when the struggling economy is showing signs of revival.

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