MAS Fabric Park marks 16 years of sustainability, innovation, and ethical production standards


MAS Fabric Park (MFP), owner and operator of Sri Lanka’s first, second, and only privately owned apparel-intensive free trade zones in Thulhiriya and Giriulla, recently celebrated 16 years of Sustainable Industrial Transformation. Its operations focus primarily on the development and value addition of fabrics.

MFP provides world-class industrial support services such as centralized water treatment and distribution facilities for industrial and human consumption, meeting World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Additionally, it also has centralized power via a medium voltage distribution system, centralized steam and thermic energy supply, and Sri Lanka’s largest combined centralized effluent treatment plant for both biological and chemical treatment. MFP is also the largest multi-site roof-mounted solar generator in Sri Lanka, with 19 installations totaling 23MW spread across the country. It also boasts the largest roof-mounted solar installation with 4.2MW installed on a single 10-acre roof at the Thulhiriya zone.

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