Thilini Priyamali Granted bail


Thilini Priyamali the businesswoman who is accused of massive financial fraud was released on bail by the Colombo Fort Magistrate court this morning (16th of December 2022).

Her associate businesswoman Janaki Sinwardhana also accused of being complicit in the crime was granted bail on 13  December 2022.

Priyamali was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)in early October for purportedly swindling a businessperson and high-profile political figure after befriending them by promising high returns for investing in her business.

Following her arrest, Priyamali was taken to several locations including the 34th flood of the World Trade Centre where her financial institution is headquartered for sale inspection. She was escorted out of the prison by a special court order obtained by the CID.





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