Concept Luna’s Evolution : Dell Technologies


Dell Technologies harvests individual components for a second, third, or even fourth life. Once the device itself is truly at the end of life, they refurbish and recycle it to incorporate these same materials into next-generation laptops, monitors or phones. It’s a future where nothing goes to waste, and we dramatically reduce the mountain of electronics discarded every year more than 5.7 million tons, globally to be exact. Not only is technology dematerialized, but also the materials we use to fuel a robust circular economy, thereby, reducing the need for new, raw materials.



Last year Dell Technologies introduced Concept “Luna”, their breakthrough sustainable PC design, which illustrates their vision of how we can reduce waste and emissions reuse materials, and achieve next-level innovation. Their Experience Innovation Group engineers have worked over the last year to further refine the modular design of Concept Luna, eliminating the need for adhesives and cables and minimizing the use of screws. These refinements make it easier to repair and dismantle a system. Concept Luna could dramatically simplify and accelerate repair and disassembly processes, making components more accessible and expanding opportunities for reuse.

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