Another Planet Similar to Earth is Discovered


CNN and SPACE websites have reported that astronomers have managed to find another planet similar to earth NASA”It was detected using the James Web Space Telescope, says NASA”.

The new planet is located 4.2 light-years away and NASA claims that it has identified this planet as being favorable for life. The other peculiarity of this planet is that its size is similar to earth.

meanwhile, the reports have further indicated that it will take about 100 years to send a plane from Earth to that planet.

Named TOI 700 e, the planet is mostly and is about 95% the size of our world. This is the fourth planet orbiting the small cool M dwarf star TOI 700.

All the exoplanets were discovered by NASA’s translating exoplanets Survey Satelite or Tess mission. Another planet in the system discovered in 2020 and named TOI 700 d, is also similar in size to Earth.

Both of these exoplanets are in their star’s habitable zone, or at the right distance from the star where liquid water can exist on their surface. The potential for liquid water suggests that those planets may be habitable

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