Social media activist Sepal Amarasinghe arrested for insulting Temple of Tooth remanded in custody


The Colombo Megestric Court ordered Sepal Amarasighe, a social media activist who was arrested by the criminal investigation Department (CID)Thursday, to be remanded until the 10th of January

Colombo Additional Magistrate Mrs.Tharanga Mahaawatta ordered to remand of Mr.Amarasinghe who was arrested by the CID for insulting Sri Dalada Maligawa and Buddhism and causing religious disharmony among the Buddist people when was present in court.

The officers of the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) stated that the investigation was started to respond to a complaint made by the Director General of the Department of Buddist Affairs and the Director of the Buddist Information Center AguruwellwJinananda Thero.

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