A Service Called Free Digital is starting from TV Lanka


“My aim is to show that we can also provide this technology in Sri Lanka”TV Lanka Chairman B.A, C, Abeyawardana.

TV Lanka,a digital television service provider in Sri Lanka, has launched a service called TV Lanka Free Digital targeting television broadcasters with digital television sets. This service has been started since last Sunday an currently it is possible to receive these channels on TV sets with Digital TV ability.

As the start of this TV Lanka Free Digital, the TV Lanka channel owned by TV Lanka, TV Lanka films channels as well as National Television, ITN, Derana, SIyatha, TNL, HiruTV and the newly launched channel called Dil TV will be broadcast.

The owner and founder of TV Lanka digital television service B.A.C.Abeywardana.This TV Lanka Free Digital service has been started according to the intervention of Mr.Abeywardana.







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