The Music of Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan was also Composed by Sri Lankan


Last year, Rakitha Wickramaratnea talented musician in our country had the opportunity to contribute music to a song in India Film director Mai\niratnam’s movie “Pnniyin Selvan”.

In this regard, popular music director Sachith Peries mentioned this on his Facebook account”we should appreciate talented people without hypocritical. Recently while watching a battle in the movie Pnniyin Selvan, directed by Mani Ratnam and Composed by A.R.Rahman we heard the sound of our local Gtabera in the background music, I’m really very happy to have a boy like this. He has contributed to big programs not only in India but all over the world at various International levels. Also as far as has the largest collection of rums in SriLanka”




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