Missing Businessman’s Body Found in Swimming pool


The dead body of the famous clothing businessman named Shades has been found on February 02 in a bathtub on the third floor of a house under the construction in Pelawatta, Batharamulla. The man was living in a house in Kiththampahuwa, Wellampitiya with his sister’s family and was being constructed in Batharamulla.

49 years old  Roshan Vanninayake was not married and owned the famous shades end-up clothing store network. Three days ago on the last 30th he left his sister’s house but didn’t return home. His cell phone also did not respond to calls. For this reason, his sister found him for two days and informed Wellampitiya police that he was missing.

Police media, Senior  Police authority Mr Nihal Thalduwa said this while explaining the facts about the incident.

“His sister had complained to Wellampitya police that the man went to a businessman place he belonh\gs to on 30th and got the key of the house and drove the car. But at the spot of the dead, this house didn’t have a car. and he didn’t have a phone and money wallet either”.

CCTV footage of how the businessman’s car was there when he was coming home but the body went missing when it was found, and police are further investigating what happened during the mid tern suspects of the killer.



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