Billionaire OPEX MD Dies in Jakarta! – The wife and the child escape!


Foreign media have reported that 45-year-old Onesh Subasinghe, the managing director of OPEX Holdings and a billionaire businessman, was found dead in an apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia this morning (05).


Subasingha was said to have been on a vacation in Jakarta with his Brazilian wife, his 4-year-old daughter and another unidentified Brazilian woman.

The last time Subasingha was in contact with his family was last Tuesday (02) and since then due to lack of contact, the family in Sri Lanka contacted the apartment management and requested to check on Subasingha.

CCTV footage from the flat shows Mr Subasinghe’s wife, daughter and an unidentified woman leaving the flat on Tuesday after placing a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.

The trio, including his wife, who went to Jakarta after the incident, were found to have left the country on a Doha-bound flight on Tuesday and their whereabouts are currently unknown. The Jakarta police are investigating the incident and it is suspected that the incident was a murder.

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