Miracle rescues in quake hit Turkey and Syria


The deadly twin earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes that hit Turkey and Syria this week has left a disastrous trail of the collapse of lives of lifelines with tens of thousands declared dead so far.

Officials and medics said 22,327 people had died in Turkey and Syria in 3,553. The confirmed total now stands at 25,880, but there were many miracle incidents that happened during the week.

A 25-year-old woman is rescued alive, after five days in quake debris, a 16-year-old is rescued alive in HJatany province, after nearly 100 hours under the quake debris, a Turkey woman brought out alive after 104 hours under rubble, a Syrian child smiles after being trapped in the rubble for 4 days, A 10 days old Turkish infant survived 96 hours under rubble and over 128 hours under rubble 24 years old rescued alive

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