The world’s biggest wind turbines


The biggest wind turbines ever built. It’s Siemens Gamesa SG 14-236 and its capacity is 15MW. It recorded a daily energy record of 359 MWh in 24 hours. That’s enough to power 71 homes for a year.

Vestas V23-15, the capacity is 15MW rotor blades every 115.5 meters. According to Vestas, it can produce 80GWh/year. That could power 60,000,000 homes

China three Gorges Crop 252-16, the turbines maxes out at 16 MW. The blade could cover 7soccer pitches. One turbine supposedly generates enough energy for 36,000 homes.

CSSC Haizhuang produces a whopping 18MW it’s 260 meters in diameter. The prototype construction is still in progress, the bigger man is better because it means more power output and more renewable energy

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