Three teens killed the 34 years young man by Helmet


The three 16-year-old youths, who were arrested in relation to assaulting a man to death with helmets in the Welipenna area, have been referred to be detained at a child detention centre until February 28.

The remains of the late Ranga Viraj Jayasinghe, a 34-year-old father of one, who was brutally beaten to death by teenagers using their helmets moved to his residence in Welipenna on Thursday morning. Relatives said the final rites will be performed on Friday (17).

The victim, Ranga Viraj, who was returning from a shop near his house on a motorcycle, reportedly had an argument with the three youths in question after warning them for riding two motorcycles at high speed without wearing safety helmets.

Thereafter, the three youths had attacked him with the helmets which they were holding, the police said. One of the three suspected youths was arrested by Welipenna Police on the same day, while two other suspects were arrested the following day.





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