Uni Pack Technology Service Provide PASTE FILLING MACHINERY


Liquid & Paste Filling Machines for Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Cosmetics Industries. The machine Name is a Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine, It’s voltage is 220V/50Hz   110V/60Hz, and its power is  100W

_Energy source electric and pneumatic air supply is- 10 CFM,  filling nozzle are 2.Filling Range is  5-100mL/10-300mL/50-500mL/100-1000mL/500-3000mL/1000-5000mL..Filling speed about 20 – 30 bottles/infilling accuracy ±0.5%, air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa_height of bottle holder is adjustable and package weight  is 2.5kg


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