SLIoT Challenge 2023 : SLT MOBITEL


The SLT MOBITEL-powered SLIOT challenge 2022 and Robo Game 2022 have successfully conducted their grand finales and are scheduled to announce the winners of the competitions at a distinguished ceremony in March 2023.

After several existing rounds the finalists for both competitors have been selected for the SLIoT  Challenge 2022 under the theme “Sustainable Energy Consumption through IoT” the finalists in the undergraduates Category-Juru protocol zero, Strydo Labs. The Altern Energy Zeros and ones, Trojans, team lotent, lotion, lotic, and Team Metatron have made their mark.

In the open category Indika, Achievers, Lotus, Upthusal and team Valar have been chosen as the finalists.




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