Severe crisis again!! Sri Lanka drowning in darkness?


The Engineers Association of the Sri Lanka Electricity Board has warned that due to the shortage of engineers in the Sri Lanka Electricity Board, it will not be possible to provide a continuous power supply in the near future.

Also, the joint secretary of the association Isuru Kasturirathna mentioned that there is a problem in running the Nuraicholai power plant.


He mentions that 72 engineers of the Electricity Board have left the country in the last year and 22 of them are working at Nuraicholi Power Plant.

He pointed out that 123 engineers are required to run the Nuraicholi power plant on a regular basis, but today only 100 are working

He further said that due to the lack of these engineers, there may even be a situation of shutting down the Nuraicholai power plant in the future and if that happens, the power crisis will be severe.







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