3500 meter readers jobs are at risk smart electricity bill is coming


The Ministry of Electricity and Energy is going to start sending smart bills through text messages in the future. To do this they will be firing 3,500-meter readers from the Ceylon Electricity Board.

The Minister of Electricity and Energy, Mr Kanchana Wijesekara, has announced that a pilot project for smart meters has started in the Dehiwela-Galkissa Municipal Council area with the help of the Asian Development Bank As a result, 31,000 consumers will receive smart vills. The project aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the electricity system in the area and is a step towards the government’s goal of providing reliable and sustainable energy to all Sri Lankans.

That there is a scheme called the Voluntary Retirement scheme (VRS) for employees who have lost their jobs due to the restructuring of the Electricity Boaard Announced by union leaders.

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