Army solder arrested for killing Woman


The police say that a person in the active service of the army has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 26-year-old married woman who was alone at night in a house in the Pallegama Ailekade area of Alavathugoda policy domain.

Saturday afternoon(11) the local residents found the woman’s husband murdered in a very mysterious manner while she went to a night funeral and dumped in a swamp in a field near the house.

A woman named Dhanuka Madhuwanthi Jayathilaka(26) was killed in this way.

A police official dog has helped arrest a  suspect in this murder, which was a great mystery to the Alavathugoda police.

Police said that the official police dog went about three kilometres from the place where the murder took place and went to the house of the arrested suspect army officer and went to the same room where the suspect was.

The arrested suspect is 38 years old and he is a person engaged in light duties in the army due to his gunshot wound while serving in the army it has been revealed in the police investigation that he has made various proposals to this woman on several occasions.

When the husband of the murdered woman returned from a funeral home at night, he saw that his wife was not at home and upon investigation, the local residents found her dead body buried in a swamp in a field about 100 meters away from the house.

A magisterial inquiry was to be conducted regarding the deceased woman’s body and further investigations are to be conducted under the direction of Alavathugoda police station chief inspector Sujeeva Gunathilaka.



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