Mother Confesses to Abandoning Baby in Train Toilet, Both parents identified


Passengers and railway authorities have found a small baby on the Menagaya train which was scheduled to depart for Batticaloa on 10/03/12023 and the baby’s parents have been found.

It is reported that both of them are 26 years old and have been arrested by Bandarawela and Koslanda police stations.

The suspect youth is employed in the Dehiwela area. Both of them have gone to the Colombo area when they came to know that this young woman is about to have a child.

Accordingly, the child was born on the 25th and was left on the train on 10/03/2023.

They have been arrested in Bandarawela Nayabedda and kaslanda areas and they are currently being interrogated further. There, the child’s mother told the police that she was left there thinking that someone would take the baby and adopt her safely. (Who is the real creator of these photos?  Is this photo-sharing appropriate?)



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