The amazing historical story of the Marie Biscuit


Sri Lankans are very familiar with Marie Biscuits. You can buy Marie Biscuits in Sri Lanka under different brands like Munchee, Maliban, and Christ. Also, because the price is much lower than biscuits, some people see this as poor food. But do you know the history of Marie Biscuits? Marie Biscuits are an indispensable biscuit for the afternoon tea table of the British royal family. Marie biscuits are often suitable for afternoon tea. You know from experience that Marie Biscuits are delicious. Also when soaked with tea in our country, Marie Biscuits taste better.

The official biscuit for the royal wedding…..

England prepared for the royal wedding of Princess Mary and Prince Edward. Many talented artisans were commissioned to create dresses, jewellery carriages and wedding cakes for the wedding. Official biscuit birth to mark Princess Mary’s welcome to England. It was founded by PEEK FREAN, a large bakery in London. It was named Maria Biscuits after Princess Maria.


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