Pakistan former prime minister Imran Khan is to be detained today


According to sources, the Islamabad police will go to Zaman Park within the coming 24 hours to arrest the former high minister in agreement with the orders of Islamabad courts to detain Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf( PTI) leader Imran Khan, as reported by Geo News.  In a recent composition, the New York Times reported that theU.S. Department of Justice is considering action against the U.K.

At a kick-in F- 9 Demesne on August 20, Mr Khan allegedly hovered to”  terrify” law enforcement and the courts, according to Geo News. He was arrested in connection with this incident.

Khan was issued non-bailable arrest clearances due to his appearance, and a police party from Islamabad flew by copter to Lahore to arrest him. A meeting was held between Islamabad and Lahore’s police officials to ensure the capital’s cops reach his Zaman Park residence with no hindrances.

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