A revolutionary discovery by a Sri Lankan scientist surprising the word…!


Professor Ranga Dias, who carried out the experiments to find this substance, has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colombo and a PhD in Physics from the University of Washington. After receiving a post-doctoral scholarship and engaging in research at Harvard University, he is currently working as a lecturer at the University of Rochester.

Professor Ranga Dias is an internationally recognized scientist in pressure physics. Also, it is reported that there is the possibility of producing new products that can make a technological revolution with the ability to run high-speed trains, and electric aeroplanes and extend battery life by using lutetium hydride. Mr Ranga Dias, Assistant Professor of the University of Rochester, who commented in this regard,

“I’ve never seen a substance change colour like this. It first appears blue. Then when pressure is applied to it, it turns bright pink, and further pressure turns bright red. I joked with my students that if we didn’t have red matter Let’s call it red matter because it’s really fascinating. This discovery allows us to transmit electricity and store energy, especially without resistance. A similar result can be achieved using a superconductor.”

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