Artemis unveils space mission uniforms to go with humans to the moon


The latest set of spacesuits to be worn by astronauts on the Artemis mission, the next manned lunar mission planned by NASA, has been unveiled recently in Houston, Texas.

This latest space suit is reported to be primarily black in colour. Orange and blue colours are also included in the dress.

This suit is designed to fit the astronauts’ bodies in a more flexible way, and NASA reports that this is a cuter suit than the heavy spacesuits worn by the astronauts in the famous Apollo missions decades ago.

They have named this suit Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit or AzEMU. NASA says that further research and improvements should be done regarding this latest space suit, which is still a prototype.

Foreign media also reports that NASA has enlisted the help of a well-known fashion designer, Easter Marquis, in the creation of this latest space suit.

The suit was manufactured by Houston-based Axiom Space for which the contract awarded to the company by NASA is worth USD 228.5 million. In this launch, Jimmy Stein, the company’s chief engineer, showed off this latest space suit.

However, NASA has continued to keep the final shape of the AzEMU spacesuit a secret.


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