Arutha TV starts broadcast


In a move to expand its reach, the newly launched Swarnawahini TV channel (Arutha TV) has started its test broadcast from Kikiliyamana. The channel, which aims to provide high-quality content to viewers across Sri Lanka, is expected to officially launch in the coming weeks.

The test broadcast will allow the channel to fine-tune its technical capabilities and ensure that viewers receive the best possible viewing experience. The Swarnawahini team is confident that the test broadcast will be successful and is looking forward to bringing its content t

Swarnawahini is a well-known media organization in Sri Lanka, with a long history of providing high-quality news and entertainment content to viewers. The launch of the new TV channel is expected to provide viewers with even more options for quality programming.

The channel will feature a range of programs, including news, current affairs, drama, and entertainment, and will be available on multiple platforms, including cable TV and online streaming services.

The Swarnawahini team is excited about the launch of the new channel and is working hard to ensure that viewers have access to the best possible programming. With the test broadcast now underway, the team is one step closer to bringing their vision to life.


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