Girl who saved seven lives leaves this world.


News was reported that a 19 years old school girl named vihagana Ariyasinghe who lived in Nikawaratiya, Ambanpola, passed away after donating her organs and giving her life to seven people. She was very interested in learning and passed the G.C.E O/L Examination with flying colours and got went to Kurunegala Maliyadewa Girls’ College. She has appeared for the recently concluded G.C.E Advanced Level examination under the commerce stream in English medium.

Vihagana died of brain death due to cancer. Donations were made to critically ill patients according to the wishes of the family members. Vihagana Ariyasinghe’s parents stated that they had wished to donate their organs before they died. Accordingly, Vihagana’s heart and lungs were transplanted into another patient. The organs were transplanted by an anesthesiologist. It was the first time in this country that the heart and lungs were transplanted to the same person at the same time at Colombo National Hospital. Apart from this, the two kidneys taken from Vihagana have also been successfully transplanted for two critically ill patients. Her liver and eye membranes were also donated to three people.


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