All-Island Three-Wheeler Drivers’ Association Reduces Fares in Response to Fuel Price Revision


In response to the latest fuel price revision announced on March 29, the All-Island Three-Wheeler Drivers’ and Owners’ Association has decided to reduce the fares for three-wheelers. The President of the association, Sudil Jayaruk, announced that the fare per kilometre will be reduced by Rs. 20, effective from midnight today. Additionally, he stated that three-wheeler drivers will be instructed to charge a fare of Rs. 80 for the second kilometre.

Mr Sudil Dilruk, the President of the association, also emphasized the need for the government to regulate three-wheeler drivers who charge fares arbitrarily. The decision to reduce fares has been welcomed by many commuters, especially during these challenging times when the cost of living is high. With this reduction in fares, passengers can expect to save a considerable amount of money on their daily commutes.

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