Siyatha TV acquires TNLRN Radio Network, set to relaunch three radio channels


In a recent development in the Sri Lankan media landscape, it has been confirmed that Siyatha TV, a popular television network, has acquired ownership of the TNL Radio Network (TNLRN) which operates three radio channels in the country. TNLRN owns one Sinhala radio channel and two English radio channels, namely Lite87 and NOW.

Under the new ownership of Siyatha, the coverage of these three radio channels is continuing, and today, on March 30th, they worked together to cover the city. It has also been reported that the three radio channels are set to be relaunched soon, as part of Siyatha’s expansion plans.

The new line-up of radio channels under Siyatha’s ownership includes Siyatha FM (98.2/98.4 MHz), Star Tamil Radio (90.4/90.6 MHz), Kiss FM (96.9 MHz), Real Radio (97.1 MHz), Rhythm World (95.6/95.8 MHz), Lite87 (87.6/87.8 MHz), and NOW (99.2/101.8 MHz). It is worth noting that the names of some of these channels may change upon relaunching.

This acquisition marks a significant step for Siyatha, which already operates Siyatha TV and Star Tamil Television, as it looks to expand its media presence in Sri Lanka. With the relaunch of these three radio channels, the Siyatha Voice of Asia media network is set to become an even more formidable force in the country’s media industry.


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