Arbitrary Arrests Spark Outrage in Mirihana as Demand Release of Detainees Protestors


In a recent turn of events, several individuals have been reportedly arrested in Mirihana today, for protesting on behalf of the country to demand their demands. Anuruddha, Sudara, Nipun, and Danish are among those who have been arbitrarily detained, causing an uproar among their supporters.

Eyewitnesses claim that the arrested individuals were peacefully demonstrating when the authorities took action against them. Their demands remain unknown at this time, but their arrest has sparked outrage among those who support their cause.

Calls for the immediate release of Anuruddha, Sudara, Nipun, and Danish are growing louder by the minute, as their loved ones and supporters demand justice. The reason for their detention is yet to be disclosed, but many are urging the authorities to reconsider their actions and release them without delay.

The situation in Mirihana remains tense, as people express their anger and frustration over the arrests. The authorities have not released any official statement on the matter, but the incident has once again brought to the forefront the issue of freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest in the country.





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