Time Capsule Unearthed in Tulsa, Oklahoma Reveals Perfectly Preserved 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA – In a stunning discovery that has left the world in awe, a time capsule containing a brand new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe has been unearthed in the city. The capsule, buried in 1927 to commemorate Tulsa’s 50th year since achieving statehood, was located outside the city courthouse.

The annual festival, “Tulsarama,” usually celebrated the event, but officials decided to bury the time capsule with a historical item. The item chosen was the sleek and stylish Belvedere Sport Coupe, in desert gold and dune colour.

The car was finally unearthed exactly 50 years later, and its condition has astounded everyone who has laid eyes on it. Despite being buried for five decades, the car is in remarkably good shape, with its paint and body still looking as new as the day it was buried.

The discovery has sparked a wave of interest and nostalgia, with people from all over the world marvelling at this incredible piece of history. The Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe will undoubtedly be remembered as an iconic symbol of Tulsa’s rich heritage and will serve as a reminder of the city’s progress and growth over the years.

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