Kurunegala Mourns the Loss of Selfless Donor Praveen, Whose Legacy Lives on Through Organ Donation


Kurunegala, Sri Lanka – The town of Kurunegala is mourning the loss of a young man named Praveen, who left behind a legacy of selflessness and generosity. Praveen, a former student of Maliyadeva College, passed away recently, but his body will live on through the countless lives he has saved with his organ donations.

Praveen was a gifted child from a young age, excelling in academics and the arts. His mother, in a heartfelt letter, recalls his many talents and the pride she felt in raising him. She also expresses her deep sorrow at his untimely passing.

Despite the tragedy of his death, Praveen’s decision to donate his organs has given hope to many. His selfless act has touched the lives of those who received his organs and the loved ones who were spared the grief of losing their own.

The community of Kurunegala has come together to honour Praveen’s memory and his contribution to society. His legacy will live on as a reminder of the power of kindness and the impact that one person can have on the world.


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