Lakhada Radio Makes History with Sri Lanka’s First AI Announcer in the ‘Singharava’ Program


Lakhada Radio, a Sri Lankan media outlet, has made history using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) announcer for one of its programs. The program, called “Singharava,” is set to be broadcast on Sunday, April 23, and features an AI announcer created using cutting-edge technology. Mr Dushanth Yapa, a computer systems engineer, provided technical support for this groundbreaking endeavor.

The trailer for the program has been released, showcasing the image and voice of Mrs Mayuri Liyanage, who will be performing the main role in the program. The use of AI announcers has been gaining popularity in various countries, and Lakhada Radio’s decision to incorporate this technology into its program has sparked discussions about the use of AI in media.

This development marks a significant milestone for Sri Lankan media, as it is the first time an AI announcer has been utilized for broadcasting. Lakhada Radio’s innovative approach to incorporating AI technology in its programming reflects the rapidly evolving media and technology landscape. The use of AI announcers has the potential to revolutionize the way programs are produced and presented, with possibilities for increased efficiency and flexibility.

As the world continues to embrace the advancements of AI, Lakhada Radio’s utilization of this cutting-edge technology in their program ‘Singharava’ is a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the media industry. The program is set to air on Sunday, April 23, and is expected to generate widespread interest and discussion about using AI announcers in media.



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