Ministry of Finance Introduces Social Welfare Benefit Scheme for Low-Income Families, Receives Over 3.7 Million Applications


The Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policies has announced that a new scheme for the payment of welfare benefits to low-income-earning families will be operational starting from the first of July, according to a special gazette notification. The scheme will cover four categories of individuals, including transgender individuals, vulnerable populations, people living in poverty, and those in extreme poverty.

In addition to these categories, the benefits will also be available for differently-abled individuals, undiagnosed kidney patients, and elders who are currently receiving financial aid. The aim of this social welfare benefit scheme is to provide support to those who are most in need and to alleviate financial hardships faced by low-income families.

The response to the scheme has been overwhelming, with over 3.7 million applications received so far. This indicates the high demand and necessity for such welfare programs to provide assistance to those facing economic challenges. The implementation of this scheme is expected to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals and families, providing them with much-needed financial support and assistance.

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