Evacuations Escalate as Fighting Continues in Sudan: Over 1,000 EU Citizens Airlifted Out, UK and US Diplomats Evacuated, 4,000 Britons Remain in Country


As the fighting in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, continues for a second week, a growing number of countries are evacuating their diplomats and citizens from the conflict zone. Over 1,000 EU citizens have been airlifted out, with French and German rescue missions being particularly active in the evacuation efforts. The UK also evacuated diplomats and their families recently, but an estimated 4,000 British citizens are still believed to be in Sudan. Many describe the situation as a “nightmare for those left behind.” The foreign secretary of the UK has stated that help for evacuating citizens will be severely limited without a ceasefire in place.

The US has also airlifted embassy staff out of Sudan using helicopters, but has decided against evacuating US citizens residing in the country. Meanwhile, a BBC reporter in Khartoum has noted that there seems to be less gunfire today, and people are gradually venturing out of their homes to buy food.

The fighting, which began on April 15th, has been between the Sudanese army and the RSF paramilitary force. So far, the conflict has resulted in the deaths of 420 people. As the situation remains tense and unstable, many countries are taking steps to evacuate their citizens and diplomats from Sudan, while efforts for a ceasefire continue to be a priority to ensure the safety and security of those remaining in the country.



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