Dengue Outbreak in Sri Lanka: Eradication Week Declared as Cases Exceed 27,000


Dengue Eradication Week Declared as Dengue Cases Surge in Sri Lanka

The Chief Medical Officer of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni, has declared a dengue eradication week starting today, as Sri Lanka grapples with a surge in dengue cases. According to Dr Wijayamuni, a total of 27,000 dengue-positive cases have been reported from around the country.

Of these cases, 50 per cent were reported from the Western Province, with 9.8 per cent of the dengue patients belonging to the Colombo City area. The active South Eastern Monsoon and the heat have led to a decrease in the dengue mosquito population, resulting in an increase in the number of dengue patients.

Dr Wijayamuni revealed that there were 1,101 dengue patients from the Colombo area, and out of them, 993 were diagnosed with the dengue virus. Shockingly, a total of 25 dengue-related deaths have been reported. He urged the public to contact the nearest medical officer to check for possible infection with the dengue virus and to seek immediate medical treatment if needed.

As Sri Lanka battles the dengue outbreak, authorities are taking proactive measures to control the spread of the disease, including declaring a dengue eradication week and raising awareness among the public about the importance of taking preventive measures such as keeping the surroundings clean and eliminating mosquito breeding sites.

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