Arun Siddharth and Co-Accused Released on Bail by Jaffna Chief Magistrate


Jaffna, 27th April – Arun Siddharth and several other individuals who were presented before the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court today have been granted bail by the Jaffna Chief Magistrate. This decision was met with relief and gratitude by the accused and their supporters.

The hearing was attended by Mr Priyantha Deniya, a Senior Advocate from Colombo, who represented Arun Siddharth. The accused were charged with undisclosed offences and were being held in custody until today’s hearing.

Following the court’s decision, a statement was released expressing gratitude towards Mr Deniya and all those who supported the accused during this difficult time.

The release of Arun Siddharth and the other accused individuals marks a significant development in this case, and it remains to be seen what further legal proceedings will unfold.

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