Former Sri Lankan MP accused of inciting false propaganda abroad; Legal action to follow


In a shocking revelation, the Convener of Jaffna Civil Society Center, Arun Siddharth, has accused former Member of Parliament of Ilangei Tamil Arasu Party, Mr MK Sivajilingam, of inciting Tamil youths to spread false propaganda about Sri Lanka while travelling abroad. Siddharth made this allegation during a press conference held in Colombo on April 28th, where he also released a video clip of Sivajilingam giving this advice to the media.

Sivajilingam’s alleged actions have caused outrage in Sri Lanka, with many condemning his attempts to tarnish the country’s image. Siddharth has promised to take legal action against Sivajilingam, and he reiterated this during the press conference. It remains to be seen what action will be taken against Sivajilingam, but this news has sent shockwaves throughout the country. Sri Lankans are calling for justice to be served, and for those who seek to harm their country’s reputation to be held accountable.


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