Governor reopens Batticaloa only Sinhala school, bars JVP-affiliated teachers


In a historic move, the governor of Batticaloa has reopened the only Sinhala school in the area which had been closed for 33 years. The reopening of the school is a significant step towards promoting unity and reconciliation in the region.

However, the governor has issued a stern warning to the school administration, stating that if they wish to continue running the school, they must not employ even a single teacher who is associated with JVP. The governor’s decision has sparked controversy among some who view it as discriminatory and against the principles of inclusivity.

Despite the criticism, the school administration has vowed to comply with the governor’s orders and work towards providing quality education to the students. The reopening of the school has been welcomed by many as a positive step towards building a more harmonious society in Batticaloa.

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