Lotus Tower in Colombo hosts first skydiving event to promote Sri Lanka tourism


In a bid to boost Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, the Lotus Tower in Colombo recently played host to its first-ever skydiving event. The exhibition jump, which saw two skydivers from the Red Bull Sri Lanka Skydive Team leap from the top of the tower, was a spectacular sight that amazed viewers.

Renowned Red Bull Skydiving champions Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fürst were the star attractions of the event. With smoke flares and cameras attached to their bodies, the two experienced skydivers dove 250 meters from the top of the tower, creating a thrilling spectacle for onlookers below.

Although the height of the Lotus Tower was less than what is typically used for a base jump event, the champions stated that the jump was still a challenging feat to accomplish. “It was not difficult for us to fulfil our ambition,” they said, speaking to the media.

Once the skydivers touched down safely on the ground, they were greeted by a cultural dancing team, adding extra excitement to the already spectacular event.

According to Lotus Tower Management Pvt. Ltd., this project is expected to attract international media attention and help increase interest in Sri Lanka among people worldwide. Overall, the Lotus Tower skydiving event was a thrilling display of skill and courage that showcased Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and tourist attractions.


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