Sri Lanka’s Litro Gas reduces cylinder prices by Rs. 100, further cuts expected


In a move that will bring relief to many households in Sri Lanka, the prices of domestic Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas cylinders are set to be reduced further from tomorrow, May 3. The announcement was made by Muditha Peiris, Chairman of Litro Gas Lanka, during a press conference on May 2.

Peiris revealed that the price of the 12.5kg gas cylinder is expected to be reduced by around Rs. 100, with proportional reductions for other cylinder sizes. The exact amount of reduction for each type of cylinder will be officially announced.

This news comes after Sagala Ratnayake, Chief of Presidential Staff and Senior Advisor to the President on National Security, hinted at further price reductions during a speech on May 1. Ratnayake noted that under the current government, inflation has reduced from 70% to 35%, with plans to bring it down to a single-digit figure by the end of the year.

Ratnayake also hinted at the relaxation of the National Fuel Pass system (QR code) in the future, once the economy is more stable.

The reduction in gas prices is expected to provide much-needed relief to households, especially in the wake of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. The move is likely to be welcomed by many, as the cost of living continues to be a major concern for Sri Lankans.

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