Ugandan Government Minister Killed by Bodyguard in Private Dispute


In a shocking incident that is likely to create ripples across Uganda, a government minister was shot and killed by a bodyguard early on Tuesday in what appears to be a private dispute. The victim, Charles Engola, was the junior minister in charge of labour in the government of President Yoweri Museveni and was a retired army colonel.

According to the army and local media reports, the attacker, who has not been identified yet, then turned the gun on himself after shooting Angola. The shooting took place inside Engola’s home in a suburb of the Ugandan capital, Kampala. Police detectives have arrived at the scene to investigate the matter.

The motive behind the shooting is not yet clear, but local press reports suggest that there was an apparent dispute over the guard’s wages. Witnesses at the scene claim that the soldier was yelling about not being paid for a long time despite working for a minister.

In response to the incident, army spokesman Brig. Felix Kulayigye issued a statement on Twitter, referring to it as an “unfortunate incident” and stating that the details would be made public after a joint investigation.

This incident is likely to send shockwaves across the country, as it follows a string of high-profile officials who have been killed in gun attacks over the years. In 2021, a former army chief in Uganda was wounded, and his daughter was killed when gunmen shot at their vehicle in Kampala.

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