Russia marks Victory Day with scaled-back celebrations amid security concerns


In Russia, people gathered to celebrate Victory Day, an annual holiday that honours the Soviet Union’s triumph over Nazi Germany during World War Two. However, this year’s festivities were more subdued than usual, as certain events were scaled back due to security concerns.

Despite the muted celebrations, people still gathered in cities across Russia to commemorate the occasion. In Moscow, a military parade was held in Red Square, showcasing Russia’s military might. President Vladimir Putin addressed the crowd, praising the bravery of those who fought in the war and emphasizing the importance of remembering their sacrifices.

However, other events were scaled back or cancelled entirely. For example, the Immortal Regiment march, a procession in which people carry portraits of family members who fought in the war, was limited to a smaller number of participants this year. Authorities cited security concerns as the reason for the reduced turnout.

Despite the changes to the usual Victory Day celebrations, many Russians still marked the occasion in their own way, with some visiting the graves of their loved ones who fought in the war. The holiday holds great significance for many in Russia, who view it as a pivotal moment in their country’s history.

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