An Assault on a May 9th Protest Activist by a former Deputy Mayor


Piyath Nikeshala, an active member of the struggle, was attacked on May 10th near the Koswaththa area. According to reports, the attack was carried out as a reason for showing the genitalia (Nude photos for himself) of Piyath Nikeshala, via a message which was sent to the sister of former Deputy Mayor Chandika Abeyratne.

Sources close to the incident reveal that sharp weapons, including a machete, were used in the attack, and that former Kaduwela Deputy Mayor Chandika Abeyratne and others were involved.



Piyath Nikeshala also has been arrested by the police due to a complaint lodged by the former deputy mayor Chandika Abeyratne.

Vimukthi Jay published a post on Facebook which calls out people to come out to the road and find out Deputy Mayor Chandika Abeyratne.

Piyath Nikeshala, who sustained injuries in the attack, is currently undergoing treatment at the Colombo National Hospital. His SUV, which was parked nearby, was also severely damaged in the attack.

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