Extremist Groups Obstruct Historic Temple in Jaffna: Tamil Community Fights for Religious Freedom


In the northern region of the Jaffna peninsula, extremist political groups have been causing protests and obstructions around the historic Tissa Vihara. This temple, with its ancient ruins, was protected by the local Tamil people even during the war, despite being destroyed to some extent by marked terrorists on old maps of the area.

The basis of these protests and obstructions by extremist groups remains unclear, but it is believed to be a narrow political ploy for personal gain. It is important to note that the temple holds significant religious and cultural value to the local Tamil community, and protesting against it is considered an extremist act.

Those in favour of upholding religious freedom in the North are supporting the fight against these extremist acts. The local Tamil people are dedicated to protecting their sacred sites, and it is important for the community to come together to preserve their heritage and traditions.



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