Fort Railway’s Piyath Nikeshala Campaign Fails as People Reject Deception


Yesterday, a massive campaign was launched in Fort Railway, calling for a Piyath Nikeshala. The campaign was initiated by Ratta, Lahiru Weerasekera, Anuruddha Bandara, Chamira Dedduwage, and Dhanish Ali, who were hailed as heroes of the struggle. They shared posters on Facebook walls and WhatsApp groups to garner support for the campaign.

Unfortunately, the people of Fort Railway were not interested in the protest and were only concerned about getting home on time. Despite the campaign’s efforts, 100 Su Galas were empty, indicating that the protest failed to gain traction.

The individuals who participated in the campaign believed that those who cheated themselves by lying to the service, making money under the guise of that service, putting up a page, and raising their image should be punished.

Sadly, many of the health workers who bravely came out in uniform during the recession, the people of Kompajna Street, Maradana, and Maligawatta who showed up with swords and sticks, have disappeared.

The campaign was aimed at ending the toxic dominance of individuals who suffer from mental disorders and artificial desires. People are slowly shedding their illusions and waking up to the harsh reality of being deceived.

In conclusion, people have made it clear that they will not be deceived for much longer, and they understand the value of human life. Chameera Jeewantha Dedduwage, Anuruddha Bandara, Dhaniz Ali, Lahiru Weerasekara, and Ratta led the campaign, but it failed to gain much support.


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