IMF Staff Team Arrives in Sri Lanka for Regular Consultation and Debt Treatment Review


An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team has arrived in Sri Lanka for regular consultation with the island nation ahead of the first review mission later this year. Led by IMF Senior Mission Chief for Sri Lanka, Peter Breuer, the team met with President Ranil Wickremesinghe on May 11th. Department Director Krishna Srinivasan is expected to join the team from May 12th until May 15th, during which time he will co-chair a press briefing with Breuer and Sarwat Jahan, the IMF Resident Representative in Sri Lanka.

The rest of the IMF delegates will remain in Sri Lanka until May 23rd. This visit follows the first meeting of Sri Lanka’s official bilateral creditor’s committee, during which the island nation formally requested debt treatment. The committee, co-chaired by India, Japan, and France, includes 17 members and observers from China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

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