Pakistan’s Ex-PM Imran Khan Released Amid Nationwide Protests


In a recent development, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has directed the country’s anti-graft agency to release former Prime Minister Imran Khan from its custody. This decision comes in the wake of Khan’s arrest on Tuesday, in connection with a land fraud case. The arrest sparked widespread and violent protests across the South Asian nation, leading the government to seek the assistance of the army to restore law and order.

According to broadcaster Geo TV, the court’s order for Khan’s release has been seen as a move to defuse the mounting tensions in the country. The former Prime Minister’s arrest had triggered angry demonstrations by his supporters, who accused the authorities of political victimization.

The situation had turned violent in some parts of the country, with reports of clashes between protesters and law enforcement personnel. The government responded by deploying the army to several cities to help maintain peace and order.

Khan, who is the leader of the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, had denied the allegations of land fraud against him and accused the government of using the case to silence his political dissent. The Supreme Court’s decision to release him from custody is expected to bring some respite to the tense situation in the country.

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