Buddha Statue Unearthed on West Bengal Beach Reveals India’s Cultural Past, Exposes Brahminism Hypocrisy


In a recent development, news has emerged from social media that a significant archaeological discovery has been made on the shores of a beach in West Bengal. According to reports, a statue of the revered Tathagat Buddha has been uncovered in what is being hailed as a significant historical find.

The statue, which depicts Buddha in the land touch posture on a double lotus, is believed to have originated from the time of Vishwaguru Buddha, providing an intriguing insight into India’s rich cultural history.

However, the discovery has also revealed a darker side of India’s past, as it appears that the statue was destroyed due to the hypocrisy of Brahminism. The destruction of such a significant historical artefact is a sobering reminder of the challenges faced in preserving India’s cultural heritage.

The discovery of the Buddha statue has garnered significant attention from historians, archaeologists, and the general public alike, with many expressing hope that it will lead to a renewed focus on protecting and preserving India’s cultural treasures for future generations.

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