Mexico sells luxury presidential plane to Tajikistan after failed attempts to offload it


Mexico’s luxury presidential plane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, has finally been sold to Tajikistan for $92m after more than four years of trying to offload it. The sale of the plane was a campaign promise of President López Obrador, who called it a symbol of previous governments’ excesses. However, attempts to raffle it off failed, and the government organised a symbolic raffle instead, with fewer than 61% of tickets sold.

The specially-outfitted plane has a luxurious interior, including a presidential bedroom and marble and mahogany finishings, but was modified to carry only 80 passengers, making it an extremely expensive mode of transport per passenger. With maintenance costs continuing to add up over the years, the government is relieved to have finally found a buyer. President López Obrador even boarded the plane and had himself filmed inside its luxurious interior in his joy at fulfilling his campaign promise and being rid of the plane.

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