President Wickremesinghe removes three provincial Governors from their positions


In a recent development, President Ranil Wickremesinghe dismissed three provincial Governors from their positions on May 15, as confirmed by the President’s Media Division (PMD). The governors of the Northern, Eastern, and North-Western provinces have been removed from their posts with immediate effect.

It is yet unclear what prompted the sudden decision to remove the governors. However, sources suggest that it may be due to a lack of performance or differences with the government.

As per the PMD, new Governors will be appointed for the vacant positions on Wednesday, May 17. It remains to be seen who will be appointed as the new governors and whether they will bring any significant changes in the administration of the provinces.

This move is likely to have an impact on the political landscape of Sri Lanka, as the governors play a crucial role in the governance of the provinces. The decision to remove the governors has garnered mixed reactions from the public and political circles, with some lauding the move as a step towards improving governance, while others questioning the timing and motive behind it.


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